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3. Save Money!

Successful appeals have saved customers thousands of dollars every year.

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What you have to lose by filing an appeal

What's a property tax appeal?
A property tax appeal challenges your property’s assessment, the value assigned to your home by your local government. Yearly property taxes are based off this value. Because this value is subjective, property owners have the right to challenge their assessment with a property tax appeal.
Is this for me?
If you pay property taxes, then yes! Every year, millions of homeowners lower their property taxes by filing an appeal to their local assessor or review board.
Couldn't my taxes go up?
No, they won't. Your assessment and tax bill will not be raised because you filed an assessment appeal.
How long does it take?
It only takes minutes to sign up with TaxProper. However, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to get a final result. Most counties have a set time of year when appeals are filed and processed.

Recent customer tax bill savings

Clearwater, FL



$1,292 saved with TaxProper

Oak Park, IL



$1,651 saved with TaxProper

San Francisco, CA



$743 saved with TaxProper

Chicago, IL



$982 saved with TaxProper

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Self-Filed Appeals
  • Best appeal evidence
  • You file the paperwork
  • Customize your evidence
  • One-time flat fee: See pricing

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