Stop overpaying your property taxes.

You can save thousands by filing a property tax appeal. File with TaxProper in under two minutes—only pay if you save.

Find out how much you can save now.

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What do we do?

TaxProper helps homeowners save money on their property taxes. We do this by accurately valuing real estate and filing a property tax appeal when your home is overassessed. You can get an appeal filed in two minutes or less with TaxProper, and be assured that it is accompanied by the best possible evidence. We currently serve Cook County, IL and Nassau County, NY.

Appeal in four easy steps

Your home is overassessed

Since property tax assessments are done en masse, the county assessor often gets it wrong. That's why everyone should appeal.

Step 1

Look up your property here

All we need is your address. Our algorithm analyzes every single property in your neighborhood to estimate how much you can save.

Step 2

We manage your paperwork

We'll assemble the appeal forms, keep track of the deadlines, and submit your paperwork and evidence to the county assessor.

Step 3

Save money!

You'll be notified within 6-8 weeks of the county's decision. The majority of appeals win, and an assessment reduction can potentially lower your tax bill by thousands.

Step 4

Keep your savings in your pocket

Law firms can take up to 50% of your tax savings, which often ends up costing homeowners several hundred dollars. We offer a simple, flat fee to keep the savings where they belong: in your own pocket.


TaxProper charges a flat $149 refundable, risk-free appeal fee.


You keep 100% of the tax savings.


If your appeal doesn't win, we immediately refund you in whole and you pay $0.

Savings Comparison
*This is a hypothetical scenario. Savings are not guaranteed and pricing structure by law firms may vary.


  • How much does it cost?

    We offer two pricing options to suit your needs. You can either pay a risk-free $149 flat fee up front, which we refund if the appeal doesn't win, or instead elect to pay 30% of your savings when the appeal is successful. Either way, it's a 100% risk-free proposition. If you don't save, we don't get paid.

  • How much can I save?

    Our research shows that the majority of people that appeal successfully reduce their property tax bill. Our success rate is 37% better than the Cook County average. A successful appeal results in an average savings of $650.

  • Can my assessment increase as a result of filing an appeal?

    Your assessment will never increase because you filed appeal.

  • Is TaxProper a law firm?

    No, we are not a law firm and we do not provide legal advice. We are a technology company working to make property tax appeals easy and affordable for everyone.

  • How quickly will my appeal be processed?

    We can promise that you can get your appeal filed in 5 minutes or less through TaxProper. The county typically will process your appeal within 6-8 weeks, or less.

  • Where does TaxProper operate?

    TaxProper currently serves Cook County, Illinois and Nassau County, NY.

How much will I save?