About Us

The technology used by governments to valuate homes for property tax assessment is outdated and often inaccurate. The appeal process, which is intended to allow homeowners to contest inaccurate valuations, is expensive, confusing and time-consuming. As a result, homeowners often pay more than their fair share in property taxes.

We founded TaxProper because we wanted to level the playing field. We believe homeowners shouldn’t pay the price for bad technology, and that the appeals process should be easy and fair.

Our appeals software is based on cutting edge machine-learning techniques and generates more accurate valuations, every single time. If a customer is being taxed for more than their house is worth, we automatically generate an appeal using our data, generate the correct paperwork, and file it for you.

Meet The Team

Thomas Dowling


Tom is a local government expert and has worked on some of the biggest problems facing state, county, and city governments. A Rhodes Scholar and Truman Scholar, he has devoted his career to increasing openness and fairness in local government.

Geoff Segal


Geoff is a data guru who has spent years at the forefront of risk modeling, designing algorithms that value homes accurately. His expertise makes TaxProper's system the most accurate, evidence-based appeal a homeowner can get.