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Disputing Your Property Taxes in Four Steps

June 30, 2019 |  Categories:  Property Taxes   Cook County   Property Tax Laws  

Property taxes are the second biggest expense owners of real estate face, after mortgage servicing. Fortunately, property owners have the ability to reduce this cost by appealing their property tax bill. This article explains how in four steps. 1. Check if you are overassessed Your property assessment is the key factor that determines how much you pay in property taxes, because that is the...

Cook County 2019 Appeal Deadlines

June 17, 2019 |  Categories:  Property Taxes   Cook County  

The Cook County Assessor's office has published the by-township residential property tax appeal deadlines for 2019. Please note, this table may not be updated as frequently as the assessor's office webpage. Township Open Date Close Date R...

Understanding the Difference Between Assessed Value and Your Tax Rate

June 11, 2019 |  Categories:  Property Taxes  

The most common misconception we encounter at taxProper involves two key definitions in the property tax business: assessed value and tax rate. For many, the two concepts are interchangeable and homeowners think of them in the same way. But understanding the difference between the two is key to understanding a property tax appeal. Assessed value is the value that the County Assessor values your...